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Lower Back Pain FAQs

The recovery period varies from person to person; depending on the severity of the problem, chronicity of the condition; co-morbidities; general health condition and so on.

Running or jogging worsens the pain. Consult your physician before doing such an activity.

Sometimes, it may not be possible to pinpoint the root cause of pain. However, many reasons like bad posture, lifestyle habits, weight, reduced bone and muscle mass, disc degeneration or dessication or injuries might cause low back pain.

The best sleeping position while having lower back pain is on the side with partial bending of the knees. Keeping your knees bent will help balance the body and reduce pressure on the lumbar spine. You can also keep a small pillow between your knees.

You should consider walking as it’s a low-impact aerobic exercise and may help in reducing low back pain. But, if walking is one of the aggravating factors of your pain, it should be avoided.

Major lifestyle factors that may alter the chances of developing low back pain are obesity, smoking, lack of physical activity, poor posture.

Practicing specific asanas or poses may help in relieving you from lower back pain. Yoga helps in improving the flexibility of muscles. It also improves posture. Breathing exercises can relieve stress. Check with your physician to know the asanas that benefit you in providing lower back pain relief.