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At Vertecare Spine, we are dedicated to providing exceptional care and relief to patients suffering from spine disorders. Our specialized clinic offers cutting-edge treatments utilizing advanced VAX-D Treatment methods. Our team of experienced medical professionals is committed to understanding each patient’s unique needs and crafting personalized treatment plans. Our mission is to improve the quality of life for individuals burdened by spinal issues, helping them regain mobility, reduce pain, and restore overall well-being.

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Vilas Kawde
Vilas Kawde
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I was suffering from severe Disc bulging issues for years. SURGERY was the option given to me by some doctors, fortunately, consulted VerteCare Spine Clinic In Vashi and was directed to take their NS-IDD theorepy. Treatment went on for almost 18 days, and there was a gradual improvement in the initial days, but it was an amazing recovery after all the sessions, Exercises which were taught by doctors were of great help in keeping the spine & back healthy and follow the routine. Would strongly recommend VerteCare Spine.
Priti Dahiya
Priti Dahiya
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For more than 6 months, I had severe back pain. It was affecting my family life. I tried Ayurvedic and Homeopathic treatment but did not get expected relief. I was searching online and found VerteCare Spine providing non-surgical treatment for back pain. I travelled from Kamothe to Vashi daily and started Advance VAX-D Treatment. After a few sessions, I had stopped all my medicines. The beauty of the treatment is that No Medicines, No Injections and No Surgery is required. I have successfully completed the treatment and now my pain has reduced upto 70%. The staff here is very nice , co-operative and supportive. My follow-up sessions are ongoing and I'm sure that I will get maximum pain relief after that. I would strongly recommend Vertecare Spine, if you have Neck or Back Pain, please do visit once. Thank you VerteCare Spine for helping me to get back to living a normal life.


An accurate diagnosis is critical as 85% of back pain cases are termed ‘non-specific’. Your back pain can be due to a neurological, systemic, structural or mechanical dysfunction. A detailed history, meticulous clinical examination, imaging studies such as X-Rays, scans or MR imaging can help identify the root cause of your pain.

We use automated traction devices that help to decompress the targeted spinal segment; along with rollers and EMS.

We treat condition related to your spine such as Muscle strains, Slipped discs, Disc bulges, Spondylosis, Spondylolysis, Facetal pain, Sciatica etc.

We have a team comprising of an Orthopedic specialist, Physiotherapists and Dietitian.

Consult Vertecare Spine center. Surgery must only be considered as the last option if conservative medical treatment has been unsuccessful.We aim to reduce the burden and risk of surgery in maximum number of people, by using advanced and modernized non-invasive techniques and advising lifestyle changes.

We are driven by a vision to prevent maximum number of patients from undergoing surgical intervention. After studying the cause of your pain, we can provide you with non-invasive methods to deal with your problem.